Insta Tips for Instagram

You have got how Instagram works basically down pat by now, but you want to take it to the next level. Here are five of my favourite go to tips. 

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What is the bucket strategy? I first learned of the bucket strategy from social media guru Krystal Hobbs of Reflective Marketing. Essentially, you have three buckets and they are the focus of your social media helping to keep your content consistent.  My three buckets are: entrepreneurship, travel and girl power. My Instagram tells the story of my life as a new entrepreneur doing what I can to support other local businesses while striving to see the world. Stay relevant, if you are a shoe store constantly sharing photos of your lunch, chances are you are going to lose followers. 

People love a good story (especially one they can relate to.) I am not telling you to tell your life story in a paragraph, but the human touch is important. People often try to portray their lives as perfect on Instagram when we all know it isn't true. Some of my best performing posts have included a relatable bit. The post below got over 100 engagements (because we all know no one wants to spit out wine.)  Another great tip from below is to use location relevant hashtags like #NZMustDo 

On the topic of stories - using your Instagram Story to show that you've got new content posted is a great way to drive traffic to your post. A creative way I have seen is a screen shot of your feed but using an emoji or drawing to black out the new post peaking your viewers curiousity. 

No one wants to see a blurry photo of your avocado toast. The photo above looks like I am jumping really high. Plot twist, I am too chubby to get that far off the ground and it's elusive camera angles. Huffington post has some great tricks for catching that perfect shot. (One of my favourites is turning the grid on on your camera to centre objects). 

Once you've mastered your shot, using an app like VSCO for editing can make you stand out from the endless streak of Clarendons. Now this is the important part - be consistent with your filters. This is an easy way to create an identifiable brand to your followers. 

We all know that one person who sequentially posts six pictures of their baby (or dog) which look the exact same. Most of us also know that little twinge of guilt when we press the unfollow button. One of my favourite quotes from Lord of the Rings is "What about second breakfast?" If you have to ask yourself, "what about a second Instagram post?" chances are you don't need it. Instagram is the highlight reel, not the whole movie. If you have to post that second great shot of the day, make sure they're spaced at least a few hours apart & don't make a habit out of it (the ideal number of posts is 5-8 weekly). If you want to share 2+ posts, the multiple photos option is great! 


In the picture above I look pleasant, little did you know that I wanted to die because I had just hiked 5km up & down through rice terraces at 34'C. Being genuine doesn't mean telling everyone what is going wrong in your life. Consider life as an entrepreneur, by watching Gary Vee you may think it's glamorous, but sometimes it is nice to give your followers a look behind the scenes (like when you're too busy to pack a lunch). 

It also means genuine interactions with other users. If someone is commenting just an emoji or "great shot", a person is typically using a bot to gain more followers. Use hashtags to find content and users you are actually interested in and leave genuine comments. On my rice field photo I had a stranger comment how much they loved visiting Ubud, you know then they are actually enjoying your content. Following people back whose posts you also enjoy makes for followers who actually want to engage with your content. 

Don't rely on bots to get followers and don't follow people only to unfollow them when they follow you back. It makes you look shallow. A tool for monitoring the chronic unfollowers is the "Followers" app. 

Thanks for reading! Have any other great tips? Feel free to leave them in the comments!