Having Instaresting Stories

Last year Instagram rolled out stories, a feature which has quickly become a competitor for SnapChat. The feature allows you to choose between capturing a photo / video on the spot, creating a boomerang (repeating video) or uploading a photo you have taken in the last 24 hours. Here are some creative ways to use Instagram stories for your business! 



Behind the Scenes

You can use Instagram stories to capture the day to day life of your business that the public often does not see, humanizing your brand. Also, @HeyOrca can I come pet your dogs? 


Cross Promoting

Is there a product or service your business can't do without (like @createolio pizza). Giving them a shoutout can help improve B2B relationships! 


In Progress

As story viewers we have followed this piece by @WestCoastWoodworks from sawing the lumber now to delivery. A great way to show off new products & connect people to your brand! 



People who tag your company are often looking for interaction from your brand. Featuring their photos is a great way to personally interact with your customers and show off your product like @CountryLiberty


Drive Users to Your Feed

By screen shotting then using the doodle tool to cover up your newest post you can peak story viewers curiosity & send them to your feed like @ashzielinski  


@EastCoastLifeStyle often posts contests in their stories driving users to comment on their posts! 



Giving your users valuable tips, tricks and reminders like @EastCoastTrail does can be very informative (& may even spare a sun burn!)  

Link In Bio

Seen here by @WildHood_ using "Link In Bio" on your story you can drive users to your website. Great for announcing a new product or blog! 

Be In The Know - Extra Tips 

To upload a photo from your camera roll, open up the stories camera then swipe up! 

If you want to use an older photo than 24 hours, screen shot it & then crop any time stamps etc out of it. The ideal dimensions to avoid your photo becoming blurry on stories is using the 16:9 ratio on your crop tool. 

If you want to use a professionally shot photo on your story, use the dimensions 1080 pixels Wide x 1920 pixels tall when you edit it. 

Geolocating your snap story using the location tool can help you be featured on regional stories.