So You Want To Go Live on Facebook!?

You're seeing it everywhere on social media, people who are growing their personal brands by using video content. These people are charismatic, they seem to have flawless execution on camera, meanwhile, just the thought of people seeing you on camera makes you shiver in your boots. 

Don't worry I felt that way too! When I first started my podcast series Chats with Chels, the first few videos were simply recorded then uploaded to youtube. Since I started recording my show live, the interest in the show (and my business) has skyrocketed. So I've put together some of my tips, tricks and observations to help you get started! 

"I Don't Know How" 

You can find the instructions to get started here. If you want an inexpensive way to improve your audio quality, I'd recommend purchasing these lapel microphones. When you're recording a great way to increase engagement on your videos is interacting with the people watching and asking them questions, the comments will make the video appear in even more people's feeds. 

"I'm Scared I Might Mess Up" 

I totally felt this way too, what if my chair breaks in front of all my fans at home?!? Since starting my show, I've had my camera fall flat on its face and also had a bottle of Kombucha explode everywhere. I've recorded twenty episodes now and that's all that's happened. Statistically, becoming a video sensation for the wrong reasons is unlikely. When things like that happen to me, I often just make light of it, and move on!

If you're really nervous, try going "live" on your personal page first just to get used to the camera; but here's the trick, set your privacy settings to "Only Me", then no one else will see except you! You can watch it back and see where you can improve. Worst case scenario, you can always delete the video once it's finished and it will never be seen again! 

Another great way to get used to being on camera is using video on Instagram stories since they're only seen for 24 hours and then disappear! 


"I Wouldn't Know What To Say" 

Go in with a bit of a plan, anytime I set up, I use a white board that I sit behind the camera that I put my discussion topics on. Anytime I feel nervous or off track, I just take a look at the board. My past podcast guest Krystal Hobbs recommends going in with a title or "main point" and three sub-points that you want to talk about. 

Some content ideas for Facebook Live: 

Industry FAQ - So, you're a book-keeper and clients keep asking you the same questions. It would save you time and resources, to make a video outlining the answers to these questions and invite anyone watching to contribute their own! 

What's New? - You own a small tourism operation and you have some great new specials or events coming up, make a short video and let people know about them and why you're excited!

Interviews - Interviews are a great way for your videos to reach your regular audience (plus the interviewees audience). For example, if you own a fishing lodge, talk to a guest who has been coming for years, ask what they like about your establishment; if you own a restaurant, maybe you want to talk to a dietician about how to make healthier choices. If you're hosting an event, this can mean going live with some of the attendees and asking them what part of the event they've loved the most or what they're excited for. 

Behind the Scenes - I once watched ten minutes of a jeweller trying to cut a ring off the finger of Jason's wife (featured above) or those pearl openings that seem to draw everyone in. If your business has a process that not everyone understands, it can be captivating to give them a "behind the scenes" aspect. 

Instructional - Many people are visual / auditory learners, showing them how to do something for themselves can not only increase engagement on your social media, but also help to establish you as knowledgable in your field. For example, you own a jewellery store, show your customers how to avoid tarnishing their jewellery; you make a product, show people how to install it or how to properly clean / care for it. If you are passionate about your business, chances are these are things you're already knowledgable in, so you'll be more confident talking about it!

After the Video

To maximize your resources, repurpose some of your video content! This can mean making short clips like I did above, hauling quotes out from interviewees to turn into graphics, turning the video content into a blog post, adding it to youtube or sharing the video again in a few weeks! 

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