Does My Business Need a Website?

Today, many businesses are opting to only have a Facebook page, thinking that it has the same impact as a website and will help them save money, a sentiment I would disagree with and here's why: 

Situation #1: Let's say you have a business where you make crafts, even if I can't order on your website, it's still much more convenient for me as a consumer to navigate through the products that you offer than it is to scroll through your Facebook page (which will lose my attention very quickly!). 

Situation #2: I am the world's most indecisive person, going to a restaurant can be a nightmare for me (to be honest, even deciding what restaurant to pick is a nightmare!) So, a major deciding factor for me is being able to check out their menus beforehand online.  Without a website, this can mean scrolling through endless photos on your website looking for a menu. Even worse is when there's no menu available at all. Now you've likely lost the business of me and my dining companions. 

Situation #3: I am travelling and I want to find a good taco. I love tacos. What do I do? I google "Mexican Restaurant *insert city*". Will your Facebook page come up? Maybe. Will your website come up? It's way more likely! Having a website helps you to reach more potential customers. 

Having a website:

  1. Helps you to attract more customers. 
  2. Acts as a central hub for information for your clients. 
  3. Can drive more traffic to your linked social media accounts. 
  4. Makes your business appear more professional. 
  5. Can give you valuable information about which of your marketing efforts are working. 

Although a website is certainly an investment into your business, it doesn't have to be a huge expense! I'm happy to help you establish your brand online starting at just $479!