Pekoe's Kit-Tea-Cat Creations Branding Project

Meeting Melane, her passion for animals really shone through. She took the pain of losing her pet Pekoe and turned it into something positive, a thriving business that gives back to the animal welfare community; Pekoe's Kit-Tea-Cat Creations.

When she came to me, she already had a logo that she had designed herself (seen left). In order add contrast and to make the teal colour pop, we added a coral coloured outer ring. 

She wanted a business card that would stand out, so we decided to go with a vertically aligned card instead of the typical horizontal. 

Then, to add a special touch for her customers, we created these inserts to drive traffic to her social media pages and help buyers avoid any confusion. 

Since Melane often donates to fundraising auctions, she needed gift certificates that allowed her to write "one window seat" rather than just a dollar value. 

Since she is always showing at markets and shows, she wanted something to make her table standout, so we created this banner that she could easily hang over her table. 

The bright, eye catching colours have made this an extra fun project to work on! Want to work together on creating awesome for your brand?