22 Social Media Content Prompts

Feeling uninspired or maybe in a bit of a content slump? I know, I've been there too! If you are overly "salesy" then followers can quickly tire of your posts and perhaps even become unfollowers. A good rule to follow is 80% value posts (educational, informative, entertaining) and no more than 20% promotion. Here is a list of some ideas to get you jumpstarted.


  1. What are you reading right now? Are there any relevant lessons that can be applied to your business? 
  2. Attended a conference lately? Share a photo and let your followers know the main takeaways.
  3. Learn about your customers by asking easy questions.  "Would you rather be outside show-shoeing or snuggling by the fire?" "Would you rather an appetizer or dessert?" 
  4. What is an industry problem you have identified and how did you solve it in a unique way? 
  5. Things that you wish you knew when you started your business.
  6. #TipTuesday - tips relevant to your industry, for example as a tourism operation, sharing packing tips. 
  7. Industry relevant blogs, TedX talks and videos which can help educate your clients more on industry issues. For example, as a construction company, you may want to share renovation tips. 


  1. What are your upcoming goals for your business? 
  2. Celebrating any work anniversaries? Five years in biz? A staff member has been with you for a year? Share your wins! 
  3. Behind the scenes: photos of your team in action or showing how something is made.
  4. Tell a story - why did you start your business? 
  5. If you have a family business, sharing the story of how your great grandfather Jim started the business for the ground up or sharing photos of family members pitching in.
  6. On this day - what was happening in your business this time last year? two years ago? five? 
  7. Sneak peek - what is coming up in your business? Share a photo of your new in-progress website or soon to be added menu item. 
  8. Let your followers know about any specials, packages or new products that you have. 


  1. Share a photo of your workspace. 
  2. Sharing user generated content of people enjoying your product / service. 
  3. Using relevant social media holidays
  4. Photos celebrating members of your team and letting your followers know what that team member does and how they benefit your business. Your team member will feel valued and your followers will feel more connected to your brand. To get even more engagement, try using a video. 
  5. #FollowFriday - sharing the accounts of businesses relevant to your field. For example, if you are a local inn sharing the page of a nearby restaurant. 
  6. If you have a brick and mortar business, share photos of unique clients: dogs, someone who travelled from around the world to your establishment, a diner who has been sitting in the same booth for the last twenty years. 
  7. Share a photo of your team meeting, social or strategizing session. 

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