Janessa Hogan Photography

One of my favourite projects to undertake is helping to create branding and logos, I get to have a bit of a creative release while creating something a client will cherish for years to come. When my childhood best friend asked me to create a logo for her photography business I was so excited to get started!

 Did I mention that we go way back? 

Did I mention that we go way back? 


The Inspiration

Surprisingly, the inspiration did not come from that stylish blue getup I am rocking above. Janessa recently photographed a wedding where pink florals delicately stood out against the bride's white dress. 


Incorporating delicate pink florals with clean lettering, Janessa's new logo and colour scheme was created!

But wait... there's more!

A new logo means the need for a new Facebook cover photo to match. This on brand cover showcases Janessa's beautiful work. 

Janessa is presently located in Miramichi, NB where she captures life events and turns them into a lifelong memory. If you're interested in her services you can check out her information here