My First Month as a Digital Nomad

Tools of the Trade (2).png

First and foremost, I should apologize. I am embarrassed to say it has been over a month since my last blog post and my Facebook page has been looking equally abysmal. For the last month I have been backpacking through South East Asia - spending my days lounging on the beach, hiking through rice terraces and telling people I don't want to buy their sunglasses. Although I have been successful in keeping up with my clients needs, I've found it easy to neglect my own social media. So, for those of you in the business of world travel but still working on your business, here are the lessons I've learned from my month on the road. 

  1. Get it done in the morning. No one you know is awake to tempt you into fun activities instead of working plus it's done early leaving you the whole day for your enjoyment. 
  2. Before you leave make sure to add your home city to your world clock as well as your clients' cities to find the optimal contact time. 
  3. Scheduling software is your best friend for making your posts timely to your ideal client base's time zone. 
  4. Before you stay somewhere, check the reviews to make sure the WIFI is functional. My hotel in Gili T had the worst wifi putting me two days behind in work. 
  5. Pick accommodations with space conducive to getting work done. It was much easier to spend a few hours focusing on getting things done at FIN coworking hostel (featured below)  than it was the party hostel I stayed at in Koh Phangan. 
  6. Make sure you have the gear you need - it may seem romantic to "go off the grid" or in my case bringing only my IPad instead of my laptop. One week in I was begging my friend to bring my laptop to Thailand when he came. It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. 
  7. Rainy days are the perfect days to catch up. 
  8. Enjoy your time as a digital nomad - don't stress the small stuff, take advantage of beautiful weather and work outdoors. Not being in the traditional office environment even means no one can stop you from enjoying a beer with your work at 2 pm on a Monday.