Tools of the Trade

For some of us, an entire suite of luxury programs isn't always financially accessible. Here is a list of some great programs I use in my business that help me succeed! 

  1.  SignatureSatori - This great Gmail extension allows you to add a photo, your title and social links to your signature. A photo will help clients put a name to the face making you more memorable.
  2. Canva - Admittedly, I did pay for the Canva for business option, but this great tool helps you create quick promotional graphics! Not sure you've got the eye for graphics? Check out Canva Design School for tips on getting started. 
  3. Pexels - Often times, when needing stock images for myself or a client I turn to Pexel, a fantastic resource! 
  4. HootSuite - Hoot Suite has a free version which is a god send when it comes to scheduling posts! You can connect up to three social media accounts at a time. Another great scheduling / analytics tool is Buffer which has a free version. 
  5. Google Calendar - When creating a marketing plan I use Google calendar to schedule in all of the relevant "micro-holidays" plus plan upcoming content. The best part is you can sync it across all your devices.  
  6. Paletton - Creating a colour scheme for your business? By picking one colour on Paletton it can create a variety of complementary pallets for you. 
  7. HTML Colour Picker - Looking for text to match a colour in your photo? This is my favourite colour picking tool to use! 
  8. VSCO - This photo editing app makes Instagram photos stand out with  more editing options past the standard Instagram filters.