Using Facebook Live

Last week I helped run Bailey Howard's campaign for Executive Director of Student Life in the MUNSU elections. One tool that we used was Facebook Live Videos which wound up being very successful. The video wound up with nearly 1000 views which meant reaching A LOT of students who were able to ask her questions. There are so many great ways to use Facebook live as a business tool: doing interviews with experts to give advice to clients, broadcasting live events, showcasing a product! The list is endless, so, I've decided to do a post on using Facebook Live for your business! 

Why You Should Use Facebook Live Videos

  1. Your followers are notified that you are live. Given the human trail of being nosy, they often will at least tune in for 30seconds -1 minute just to see what you are talking about.
  2. You can interact in real time with users of your product and answer any questions that they may have. As the modern person is busy, sending you an email may slip their mind so this gives them the chance to interact with you! 
  3. You're busy too! It's much faster (not to mention more eye catching) to make a video describing your product, giving advice, etc than to write a blog post about it! 
  4. When you go live and your followers comment it comes up in their friends news feeds. This can greatly expand your reach! 

How to Go Live (The Tech Stuff) 

On a Laptop

  1. Go to your company's Facebook Page
  2. Below the "Write Something" box, press "See More", then press start a live video  (the pink icon in the bottom left corner!) 
  3. Now you will see a dialogue box, write a catchy bit describing what your video will be about today then press "next".
  4. You should now see a preview screen, make sure the shot is lined up as you want it to be before pressing "Go Live!" 

From Your Phone


  1. Go to your company's Facebook Page
  2. Press the "Publish" Button 
  3. Select Live Video 
  4. Write a catchy description 
  5. Press "Go Live" 

Tips & Tricks

  1. Before you begin, using your personal Facebook account, under who can see this change your setting to private (just me). Do a trial run to make sure all your technology is working then rewatch it to make sure that you are clear / not talking too fast.
  2. No Mic? No Problem, use your Apple Ear Buds as a mic by running it up your shirt and placing it at your collar
  3. Make sure your background is visually interesting to catch the eye of those scrolling through their news feed. 
  4. Plan a time for your video and 1-2 days in advance let your followers know when you will be going live so they can plan to watch! 
  5. Before you start, grab a sheet of paper and make a plan of the things you are going to talk about so that you won't feel like you missed anything. 
  6. People aren't going to tune in right away, don't dive into content the second you go live, give a minute or two of buffer time, a short story, introducing yourself, etc. 
  7. Watch your comments section, say hi to people as they tune in, thank them for watching, ask if they have any questions, ask them to like / share your video!
  8. Every five minutes reintroduce yourself and what you are talking about ie: "for those of you just tuning in!" 
  9. At the end of your video thank your users for watching and ask them to share!