It's February 13, about six weeks post New Years eve. What were your New Years "resolutions" do you even remember? I don't. 

To be more successful in my day to day life I've started being a real goal-setter. I bought this amazing agenda which is full of beautiful art and motivational quotes. But, what's more important is what I put in the agenda. 

Instead of just adding in my engagements, I've started adding in goals for myself for the week
ie: Get 100 followers by Sunday, finish this project by today (long before it's due!) 

The Benefits

  1. I can see where my time is going and if I am effectively managing my time
  2. I don't leave important projects or deadlines to the last minute
  3. Portioning my bigger goals into smaller pieces makes them more achievable and less daunting
  4. The satisfying feeling every time you check off something

The Challenge

  1. Get a Day Planner. If you don't already have one you're in luck, most are on clearance these days! 
  2. Dream up your goal for the week, is it to promote your upcoming event? 
  3. Break that into smaller goals for example: 
    Monday - Make a Facebook Post about my event
    Tuesday - Call my friend/s (names) and personally invite them to come with me
    Wednesday - Make another Facebook Post about my event, see if I forgot to invite any other friends
    Thursday - Put up a picture on my Instagram about my event
    Friday - Follow up with friend/s to make sure they're still coming! 
  4. Check off as you complete and feel AWESOME! You are now not just a goal setter, but a Goal-Getter!

If you're having trouble getting into the hang of setting goals to up your social media presence, click here to learn more about my coaching services!