Stop Doing the Shit You Hate


Here it is, Friday Night. Two years ago I would have found myself downing jager bombs on George St. but where am I tonight? I'm at Common Ground trying to figure out how to do my business accounting. But, guess what, I've never felt more excited about what the future can hold for me. 

Reflecting over this week it has been a BIG week, I finally started pursuing my dream, invested a bunch of money into getting started, locked down my first two clients and got my first real business number #Adulting. (I also decided to try vegetarianism, but that's irrelevant). After spending the past year working with small businesses and non-profits, I know these people are busy. I saw a problem and am creating a solution. I've managed to do all of this between working three other jobs and being a full time science student. STOP TELLING YOURSELF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME. You and Mark Zuckerberg have the same number of hours in the day. Obviously, there are a few things in life that are unavoidable, like doing your taxes; the thing is you've got to quit the things that aren't getting you ahead. Hate spending time with that friend who is emotionally draining you? THEN WHY ARE YOU STILL DOING IT? 

The thing I can't get over is the overwhelming amount of positivity and encouragement I've received. Other entrepreneurs have been giving me tips to get myself out there and friends have been sending me articles they've stumbled across. Want to know the reason I've received this amazing feedback? BECAUSE I HAVE SURROUNDED MYSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE. I've had other people tell me "I wish I could do that!!" well... YOU CAN. First, change your attitude, stop wishing start doing. Watching a Facebook Live Coaching Session with the fabulous Jennifer Trask this week, she gave great advice "Don't go in 99%, it's 100% or nothing". When you find what you're passionate about, you'll love every minute in the hustle. That determination and positivity will manifest into your day to day life and into your business. Clients are going to be receptive to your effort and attitude.

Next, Make a few (achievable) short term goals and a few long term goals. For me short term is having 5 clients by April, long term, the dream is to be able to live anywhere in the world while I manage this business. What does your dream life look like five years from now? What's holding you back from those goals? 

& now for a shameless plug: 
Maybe the shit you love is taking people kayaking in your outdoor adventure business and the shit you hate is making social media posts. Well guess what I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS so let me do that for you and you just keep on paddling.