Introducing: Chats With Chels

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For anyone who doesn't know, I have ADHD and one of its complications is having difficulty turning "off". At the end of the night my mind is always racing, for a long time I would turn to Netflix to listen to until I fell asleep but then I would get nosy and start watching rather than listening. Then I discovered podcasts and informational videos. Perfect for listening to PLUS a productive way to end off my day. 

I'm a self proclaimed polymath, someone who loves learning and has a very diverse interest set. As a lover of all things local, I've met some amazing entrepreneurs and innovators over the past few years so I came up with the idea of creating a series which highlights the amazing things that they're doing. We aired our first episode last night with Jan Mertlik of Get Coding! 

I am looking forward to sharing the journeys of so many more awesome people with you guys! Here are just some topics you can look out for in the near future! 

  • Working with Wood
  • Doing Good & Being Great, Implementing Feminism Into Your Work 
  • Surviving in the Wild 
  • Girls Who Beer 
  • Loving Your Job & Loving Our Planet 
  • The Wide World of Windows and Doors 
  • Good Food & Good Blogging
  • Getting Bendy - Yoga & Wellness 
  • Getting Smart About Artificial Intelligence 
  • Mixing It Up - From Branding to Drinks! 

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