My Five Minutes of Fame


Every Friday for the past few months I've been tuning in to Connect & Thrive on the Reflective Marketing page where Krystal Hobbs interviews local entrepreneurs. After some time being a fan, I was thrilled to be a guest! Here are some of our main takeaways! (Find the Full Video Below!) 

On Social Media 

  • Don't Box Yourself In- Don't get into the routine of posting things that you *think you should*, it can come off as feeling artificial. The best policy is being yourself and personalized posts can help others to identify with your brand. 
  • Share Your Everyday- The best way to generate content is to share the things you are doing and if you're feeling excited about them, chances are others will as well! 
  • You Get What You Give - Incentivize influencers to want to promote your business this could be through free products OR through something as simple as awesome customer service and remembering their name. 
  • Create Connections - Collaborating with other local businesses can help both of your businesses' marketing efforts to reach new audiences.  It also helps to build relationships where you can bounce ideas off each other. 
  • #Hashtags - As a business, creating a branded hashtag can be a great way to drive user generated content.
  • Do Your Homework - When reposting user generated content, make sure that user's profile isn't full of posts that could negatively impact your business. 
  • Tell a Story - Use Instagram stories because they keep your business at the top of people's screens, try to use the Geotag filter to reach a wider audience. Blogging can be a wonderful medium for sharing your experiences! 
  • Tools of the Trade - Some great tools: VSCO for editing, Grum for content scheduling  

On Being a Digital Nomad: 

  • Before You Go: Grind it out and try to get as much done as you can so that your work is more maintenance. 
  • Preplan - Check for accommodations with good wifi, research any local co-working spaces you can spend a day at (Some of my favourites: Common Ground in St. John's & BrightLane in Toronto) 
  • Just Go: Don't hype yourself up too much about where you're going. Chances are you'll be fine and have the time of your life! 
  • Be an Early Bird - Waking up before your travel partners means the chance to get work done without FOMO. 
  • Choose a Day - For longer term vacations, choose a day or two a week to really hash out work so you can enjoy the rest of your week doing maintenance only 
  • Digital Home-mad - Try to find the same balance at home where you take the time to have new adventures to recharge and have a better quality work. 
  • Take a Break - If you are able, choosing to travel for longer periods allows you to establish a better routine in your new surroundings (plus gives you a more in depth appreciation for your vacation destination!) 
  • Disconnect - Although this wasn't included, it can be easy to find yourself *on* all the time. While travelling remember to disconnect every now and again, snooze your notifications, read a good book on the beach and have deeper conversations with the people you meet. 

Don't want to watch the whole thing? 

3:00 - How to leverage bloggers & social media influencers for your business
4:30 - Tips for driving user generated content
6:00 - Protecting your business reputation when seeking influencers
7:00 - How Chels chooses her travel locations & her favourite travel destinations
9:00 - Tips for creating content for your business
11:45 - The power of collaborating with other businesses & relationship building
15:00 - Tips for keeping up on business ownership while travelling
19:00 - Chels's favourite Instagram tips! 

Thanks so much Krystal for having me, hope everyone enjoyed the show! For any of your travel related or content creating questions feel free to contact me at